Technology Notes and Tools

E. F. Johnson Messenger III Citizen's Radio Service AM Transceiver
I was a member of the design team of this early solid-state, high-performance CB transceiver
See the last one made, now on display at the Smithsonian Museum 
E. F. Johnson Messenger III Schematic, original version

E. F. Johnson Messenger 350 Citizen's Radio Service SSB Transceiver
My first radio design to reach full-scale production, 1966
A Citizen's Radio Service SSB Transceiver - Technical Paper
E. F. Johnson Messenger 350 Service Manual & Schematic

E. F. Johnson 1042 Commercial & Maritime Radio Service SSB Transceiver
1.6 -16 MHz  150 Watt PEP, produced from 1969 to 1973
E. F. Johnson 1042 Schematic
E. F. Johnson 1042 Service Manual

Air Conditioner Heat Recovery System
How to build a hot water heating system that uses waste heat from an air conditioner
Published in Popular Science, October 1978, page 38

Radar System Tool Kit
DOS Program and Demo File
download RSTK.ZIP file

Radar Cross Section Clutter Power Calculator
DOS Program
download CLUTTER.ZIP file

Parabolic Reflector Antenna Calculator
DOS Program
download PARAB.ZIP file

Probability of Message Delivery
Calculation for Pe (Prob of Multi-Element Success) for Parallel Element Path Messages Issued (N) Times
Excel Spreadsheet Program
download PMD.xls  file

Carson's Rule
Bandwidth Calculation Based on Carrier Deviation and Datum Frequency
Excel Spreadsheet Program
download CARSONS.xls  file

Generic RF Link Calculator
RF Communication  Link Budget, Binary  FM Case
Excel Spreadsheet Program
download BINFMLINK.xls  file

Phase Locked Loop Calculations for Charge-Pump 5-Pole Systems
Predicted Parametric Loop Characteristics Based on Component Values and Loop Settings
Excel Spreadsheet Program
download PLLABB.xls  file

Accessible Patent Links
4,227,258 Full-Text  "Housing for a Hand Held Transmitter-Receiver"
4,651,647 Full-Text  "Adjustable Range Proximity Fuze"
7,039,105 Full-Text  "Adaptive Information Compression"
7,009,557 Full Text  "Interference Rejection GPS antenna system"

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