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This is dedicated to the Independent artists and composers, particularly those who publish MIDI sequences.

Arleigh's Genuine Sound Fonts:

LarrysSteirische.sf2 -  Captured from  Larry Sikora's wonderful Zupan button box accordion (2589 KB)

LarrysSteirischeStereo.sf2  HD-Stereo version  of  Larry Sikora's  wonderful  Zupan button box accordion (39 MB)

LarrysSteirischeBass.sf2 -  Captured from  Larry Sikora's wonderful Zupan button box accordion (728 KB)

BobsBrownConcertia.sf2 -  HD-Mono captured from  Bob Sorem's  Bill Brown Chemnitzer Concertina (6880 KB)

ArleighsDiatonicAccordion.sf2 -   Captured from  Arleigh's restored Concertone button box accordion (2891 KB)

ArleighsHohnerAccordion.sf2 -  Created with Arleigh's 1956 Hohner Atlantic IIIP LMH accordion (754 KB)

ArleighsSythAccordion.sf2 -  Created from crafted waves using Wave Studio application (6597 KB)

AugustinaTangoAccordion.sf2 -  Created from Andy Bakke's Augustina Accordion - Tango Setting (284 KB)

ArleighsGetzenEterna.sf2 -  Created from Arleigh's Getzen Eterna 900 brass trumpet (2596 KB)

ErwinsHeliconBass.sf2 - Captured from Erwin Suess's Helicon Bass Accordion (153 KB)

ArleighsOvationGuitar.sf2 - Captured from Arleigh's 1975 Ovation 12-string guitar Model 1515-4 (1509 KB)

ArleighsRickenbackerBass.sf2 - Captured from Arleigh's 1978 Rickenbacker with  flat wound strings (2115 KB)

DavesCajunFiddle.sf2 - Captured from Dave Becnel's Genuine Cajun Fiddle (406 KB)

RudisAlphorn.sf2 - Captured from Samples from Rudi Wagner Alphorn solo (678 KB)

WilliamsConnTuba.sf2 - Captured from Samples from William Bakke's Conn Tuba (603 KB)

ArleighsAutoharpStrumup.sf2 - Full Chords that Strum Up. Plays similar to Autoharp notation  (170 KB)

Notation: See Melodic Pool to select desired set: 000-000 From  C-1 to B2 = Solo (3 octaves), 000-001 From C2 to B3 = Major (2 Octaves),

000-002 From C4 to B5 = 7th, 000-003 From C6 to B7 = Minor; 000-004, 000-005 From C8 to G9 = Diminished 7th - All sets start at C3


MP3 Demo  of "DerAlphornzauber"  a MIDI sequence Featuring

     LarrysSteirischeStereo, RudisAlphorn, ArleighsOvationGuitar, ErwinsHeliconBass, WilliamsConnTuba

 MP3 Demo of  Ukrainia, a MIDI sequence by S. Konefal, Arleigh's Genuine Sound Fonts for Accordions and Bass

 MP3 Demo of  Ser die Glocken Nie Klingen , (Sweetly The Bells Are Ringing), a German Christmas Carol from the 1850's


Reference Links:

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U.S. Codes: http://www4.law.cornell.edu/uscode/

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U.S. Patent and Trademark Office:  http://www.uspto.gov/

U.N.C. Law Library, Copyright Information Page:  http://www.unc.edu/~unclng/public-d.htm

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