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Graydon Burow
Graydon Burow, Accomplished Accordionist and Bandleader
4 April, 1938 - 27 January, 2004
The History of Brother Burr and the Burros

     Graydon Burow attended a one room schoolhouse where Evelyn (Olson) Dorschner taught Grades one through six. While Graydon was in his third grade, she asked all the students what they thought they would do as adults. Graydon responded by saying that he planned to become a Bandleader of a polka band. From time to time, his Third Grade Teacher would remind him of that prophetic statement. 

     Several years later, at the age of 18, Graydon wrote these words for the cover of his first LP recording, "We started the orchestra upon my graduation from Kenyon High School, which was in 1956. Our first occasion to play for a dance was for the centennial of my home town, Kenyon Minnesota." 

     At the time these recordings were made, Brother Burr and the Burros was the youngest old time band playing in a steady venue of popular dance halls around Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Nebraska. When these recordings were made, Graydon was 23. The other band members were about the same age,  ranging in only a few years either way. They came from Claremont, Owatonna, Rochester, Kenyon, Red Wing and the Twin Cities. Some of their members attended college in Mankato and in the Twin Cities. Others, who had graduated from colleges, were Music Teachers, Engineers and full time Professional Musicians.

     Versatility with a wallop was the trademark of Brother Burr and the Burros, as they wheeled along. 

The Early Years
Brother Burr and the Burros - the Early Years
At Jewett’s Point near Faribault, Minnesota
back row:
Jeff Cole - Rolf Stepprud  - Wayne (Buck ) Burow - Lewis Brazil 
front row:
Richard Reese - Lawrence Brazil - Greg Baker  - Graydon Burow  - Ralph Doggett

photo by Arleigh Baker

Graydon's "BROTHER BURR" CDs
Background Music is "Happy Burro Polka" written by Graydon Burow

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