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I am an Independent Artist, Composer and MIDI Sequencer of Polka, Waltz, Pop and Christian Music.  My main instrument is the trumpet.  I also play accordion and, less seriously, keyboard and guitar. 
Beyond my interest as an amateur artist, I provide studio assistance and web services for several professional artists. The following artists have chosen me as their technical associate or their webmaster. Click on a banner and it will take you to each artist's respective site. 

Arleigh Baker

Music By Laurel Jean
Inspirational and Spiritual Vocals and Instrumentals
Cajun Dave Becnel
"Cajun Dave Becnel" Born and reared on the Banks of New Orleans!
Brother Burr And The Burros
A highly Versatile Band that I Once Played In - also known as The Graydon Burow Orchestra

The Accidental Excelsior
My saga regarding an accidental purchase of an accordion on E-bay
One kind person characterized this adventure as "making lemonade"
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Century Old Button Accordion Restoration Project
Restoring my First Instrument and Installing a Special Microphone
Generously described as.....two good sounding old relics there!
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